The Possibilities of Video in Small Business

Written by Devin Meeuwsen

At Oshkosh Productions, we’re often asked, ‘What type of video does my business need?’ I genuinely enjoy this question because it allows me to brainstorm the endless possibilities of videos that can benefit their specific business. Video is a powerful medium for communicating with your audience, particularly your customers and clients. On average, video is 35% more likely to capture a person’s attention than any other form of marketing.


Three examples of how video can benefit your business:

  1. Specific Service/Product Advertising
    • Share what services and products may be relevant to your customers.
  2. Story Telling
    • We all love telling our stories! It’s not just about the brand; it’s about the people behind it. Video allows you to share narratives that bring out the human side of your brand, making it relatable and touching.
  3. Customer Testimonial
    • Let your happy customers do the talking! Their testimonials are like gold. It’s not just about advertising; it’s about sharing real experiences. Their words speak volumes about the quality of your service and products.


We’ve only just begun to explore the power of video. In today’s world, video is the key to making meaningful customers and clients. At Oshkosh Productions, we’re geared up and excited to help you thrive in this visual age. Let’s dive in and create something extraordinary together.

Time to Brainstorm

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